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Our Story

There are many people in this world who have an impact on others in one way or another. Some are able to reach dozens, some thousands, and others can reach millions and impact many lives. Then there are those who are called to touch the lives of just a few. Their warm embrace, beautiful smile, or kind words can change anyone’s story even if it’s just for that day. Lorraine F. Coley embodied all of these things. She exuded so much strength as she fought her long-term illness of kidney disease smiling through it all every day. She cared for her family and put us first always. And then…her voice. Her voice was like an angel. When she sang, her tones filled you up inside and you would get lost in her soprano. Lorraine F. Coley will always be remembered and loved the way she loved everyone she encountered.

Lorraine F. Coley 10/24/1948-01/21/2001 #4801

-Sharon Coley


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